Locksmith Freeport

We are the single solution to all of your locksmith problems, concerns, and needs. Located in Freeport, Long Island, we are honored to provide Nassau County and Queens with unsurpassed locksmith and security services. As full-service company, Locksmith Freeport offers a complete range of professional services including automotive, residential, and commercial services. With over 20 years of industry experience, we have the expansive knowledge and skill required to take on anything thrown our way. From installing locks, rekeying your home/business, to recoding your security system or safe, and saving you from an unforeseen lockout, there is nothing too large or complex for us to handle.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee our clients receive the most flawless services, all-around. We can perform a complete evaluation of your premises and develop a customized security plan, tailored to meet the unique, specific needs, of each client. Furthermore, our team of master-locksmiths is comprised of highly-trained individuals who have an unprecedented amount of knowledge and experience. Therefore, we can install, repair, or maintain the most diverse array of locks and systems, from standard locks to technologically-advanced access control systems and closed-circuit television security.

We not only pride ourselves on our experience and accomplishments, but our immense dedication and commitment to the safety of our customers. We are proud to offer 24-hour emergency services, so that regardless of the time, you can trust we will be there for you. Security measures are not only serious, but very personal, which is why we are honored to have built such a noteworthy reputation amongst our customers for being professional, honest, and trustworthy. At Freeport Locksmiths, we take our job very seriously and we know what it takes to protect you, your family, home, or business.

Services we offer



We understand that home security is priority number one for you. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your specific security issues and develop solutions to those issues. Our technicians can install pick-proof locks, high-security locks, personal safes, and electronic locking systems. We also offer 24/7 residential lockout assistance if you’ve locked your keys in the house.



Our staff are available any time or day to help you with your automotive needs. If you’re locked out of your vehicle, our professional staff will meet you on-location to help you gain access to your car. Freeport NY can also order and provide replacement keys for most major car models.



We will work with you and your company to provide any commercial services you require. Our licensed technicians can install buzzer systems, magnetic locks, closed circuit TV systems, and master key systems among other products. Freeport NY Locksmiths also offers lock rekeying for instances of employee termination and turnover.